A short chronologic history of Hungary
Hungarian history, like most others, is full of blood and daring, errors and triumph.

Hungary is thought of as the legendary land of gypsy violin music, of dashing men and beautiful women, and romantic nights in small Budapest cafes on winding cobblestone streets near the Danube.
But it is also a place where much that's tragic has happened. It's a country, where, on occasion, heroism has been exemplary and heartrending - as in the ill-fated Revolution of 1956.
So, let's dive into it..

Before the Hungarians
attila hun

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, in the Carpathian Basin, surrounded by the Carpathian mountain chain...

The settlement of the Hungarians and the rule of Szent István (Saint Stephen) 896-1038
the hungarian crown

The true origin, dating back thousands of years, of the Hungarians has never been fully clarified by science..

The age of King Stephens successors in the Árpád dynasty
szent laszlo age arpad haz

Of Stephens successors, László I (1077-1096) and Kálmán I (1096-1116) imposed stringent laws to ensure their subjects respected the authority of the State, ownership relations and Christian values..

The flourishing of the medieval Hungarian state (1301-1490)
matyas kiraly

The Árpád dynasty died out in 1301. The Anjou dynasty emerged triumphant from the rivalry between European dynasties, and snatched the Hungarian crown..

The fall of the medieval Hungarian state and the Turkish conquest (1490-1526)
mohacs battle

Matthias died prematurely and without a legal successor in 1490. The powerless rulers from the Jagelló dynasty that followed bought the benevolence of ever more unbridled lords by granting them concessions..

A country divided into three (1526-1686)
turkish invasion

After the defeat at the battle of Mohács the country was torn into three parts: the central section, the so-called Conquered part, was occupied by Turkish forces..

Hungary and the Habsburg Dynasty (1686-1790)
rakoczi ferenc

As early as the 17th century - and in line with the strengthening of the Habsburg empire - Hungarians were forced to protect their interests not only in the face of the Turks but also against the Austrians..

Achievement of middle class status, reform and revolution 1790-1849
arad 1849

The dilemmas posed by independence and modernization - or in the phrase of the time "homeland and progress" - were raised by an era of general national awakening in Central Eastern Europe..

Neo-absolutism and the "happy times of peace" 1849-1914
austro hungarian monarchy

The political consequence of the military defeat lay in the execution of about 150 persons, the imprisonment of thousands of others, and the limitation of the entire constitutional process..

From war to war 1914-1945
world wars

World War One put an end to the prosperity. The ethnic problems of the Habsburg monarchy became an ace in the hands of its rivals, the Entente powers, which gave shelter to the emigrant national councils of the minorities and recognized them as their allies..

Variants of socialism 1945-1987
1956 revolution hungary

The first three years after World War II saw an attempt to operate a multi-party democracy in militarily occupied Hungary. Winners of the 1945 elections the Independent Smallholders Party..

The transition and change of regime in Hungary 1987..
change of regime

These developments brought about the terms for starting to transform the system of political institutions and the economy..

history of hungary
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